SecureLease® Self Storage Tenant Protection Program from
On The Move is the new tenant protection program that is going to change the way customers protect their stored goods forever:

The facility controls how it is sold, how much it is sold for and independently manages the program keeping ALL SecureLease® fees and paying one low annual premium for our Tenant Contents Insurance Policy.

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Designed for the self storage facility

SecureLease® Designed for the Facility

SecureLease® is the first Tenant Protection Program that leaves complete control of the program to the facility. The facility controls the pricing and how it's marketed and sold to the tenant. Whether you use SecureLease® to rival traditional Tenant Protection Plans offering your customer superior protection at a competitive price, or utilize it as a promotional tool, SecureLease® can be custom designed for your facility needs.

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competitively priced tenant protection

Competitively priced with added value

Our new program is absolutely the most efficient way for tenants to protect their goods. Our coverage is aggressively priced allowing your facility to take advantage of this incredible added value through SecureLease®. Please contact us so we can quote you on our new Tenant Protection Policy so you can begin to offer SecureLease® and add up to ten percent more rental revenue today.

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About On The Move Insurance Agency

About On The Move, Insurance Agency

Our Contents Insurance Policy is sold as a liability policy protecting your tenant's goods that supplements your current coverage allowing your facility to offer SecureLease®. In addition to Tenants Contents Insurance, our policy offers options for Customer Goods Legal Liability, to protect you against claims from your uninsured tenants and Sale and Disposal Liability Coverage. For all your other insurance needs please visit:

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On The Move Trucks

For over twenty years On The Move has been providing the turnkey rental truck that has become the industry standard for independent operators. Our program has provided the best possible coverage including 5 million dollars in auto liability to our customers for over 20 years. Coverage our operators require to protect their investment.

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